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Read Miiko Desu Online in Bahasa Indonesia

Read Miiko Desu Online in Bahasa Indonesia

Miiko Desu is a manga series by Ono Eriko that follows the adventures of a cheerful and energetic fourth-grade girl named Miiko Yamada. Miiko Desu was published in 1991 and has four volumes with 40 chapters. It is a prequel to the sequel series Kocchi Muite! Miiko, which has 35 volumes and is still ongoing.

If you are looking for a fun and heartwarming manga that shows how things are from the eyes of a child, you should read Miiko Desu online in Bahasa Indonesia. You can find various websites that offer Miiko Desu manga scans with Indonesian translations, such as,, and You can also read Miiko Desu manga reviews and recommendations on and

Read Miiko Desu online in Bahasa Indonesia and enjoy the hilarious and touching stories of Miiko and her friends!

miiko desu read online bahasa indonesia

Miiko Desu is a comedy manga that depicts the everyday life of Miiko Yamada, a curious and mischievous girl who often gets into trouble with her family, classmates, and teachers. Miiko has a crush on Tappei Eguchi, a boy in her class who is smart and athletic, but also shy and gentle. Miiko also has a best friend named Yuuko Ogawa, who is calm and mature, but sometimes joins Miiko in her antics. Together, they experience various situations that make them laugh, cry, and grow.

Some of the memorable chapters of Miiko Desu include:

  • Miiko's first encounter with Tappei, where she accidentally hits him with a ball and then tries to apologize.

  • Miiko's attempt to make a chocolate cake for Valentine's Day, which ends up being a disaster.

  • Miiko's participation in a school play, where she plays the role of a princess who falls in love with a frog.

  • Miiko's visit to Tappei's house, where she meets his family and his pet turtle.

  • Miiko's birthday party, where she receives a surprise gift from Tappei.

Miiko Desu is a manga that will make you smile and warm your heart. It is suitable for readers of all ages who enjoy comedy and slice-of-life stories. Read Miiko Desu online in Bahasa Indonesia and discover the charm of Miiko and her world!

Miiko Desu is a manga that was created by Ono Eriko, a Japanese manga artist who is also known for her other works such as Kocchi Muite! Miiko, Neko Neko Fantasia, and Otona ni Nuts. Ono Eriko started drawing manga when she was in elementary school, and debuted professionally in 1988 with the one-shot story "Chibi Maruko-chan". She has won several awards for her manga, such as the Shogakukan Manga Award and the Kodansha Manga Award.

Miiko Desu was serialized in Ciao magazine from 1991 to 1994, and was collected into four tankoubon volumes by Shogakukan. The manga was adapted into an anime series titled Kocchi Muite Miiko, which aired from 1998 to 1999. The anime series covered the first two volumes of Miiko Desu and the first six volumes of Kocchi Muite! Miiko. The manga and the anime were both popular in Japan and abroad, especially in Southeast Asia. In Indonesia, the manga was published by Elex Media Komputindo under the title Namaku Miiko!, and the anime was broadcasted by Indosiar under the title Hai, Miiko!

Miiko Desu is a manga that you should not miss if you love comedy and slice-of-life stories. It is a manga that will make you laugh out loud and feel nostalgic about your childhood. It is a manga that will show you the beauty of friendship and love. Read Miiko Desu online in Bahasa Indonesia and join Miiko in her fun and heartwarming adventures! 29c81ba772


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