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Scissor Sisters Magic Hour Deluxe Rar: A Review of the Pop Album

Scissor Sisters Magic Hour Deluxe Rar: A Review of the Pop Album

If you are a fan of pop music, you might have heard of Scissor Sisters, a band that combines disco, glam rock, and electro-pop influences. Their fourth studio album, Magic Hour, was released in 2012 and featured collaborations with Pharrell Williams, Calvin Harris, and Azealia Banks. The deluxe edition of the album included four bonus tracks and a DVD with behind-the-scenes footage and music videos.

scissor sisters magic hour deluxe rar


In this article, we will review Scissor Sisters Magic Hour Deluxe Rar, a digital download of the album in a compressed file format. We will look at the pros and cons of downloading the album in this format, as well as some of the highlights of the songs and the bonus content.

Pros of Scissor Sisters Magic Hour Deluxe Rar

  • Downloading the album in a rar file can save you storage space on your device, as it reduces the file size of the audio and video files.

  • You can also enjoy the album offline, without relying on streaming services or internet connection.

  • You can access the album from various platforms, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS, as long as you have a software that can extract rar files.

  • You can purchase and download the album from various online sources, such as Qobuz[^1^], Weebly[^2^], or Sway[^4^], depending on your preference and availability.

Cons of Scissor Sisters Magic Hour Deluxe Rar

  • Downloading the album in a rar file can expose you to potential risks, such as viruses, malware, or corrupted files. You should always scan the file before opening it and use a trusted source for downloading.

  • You might also encounter compatibility issues with some devices or software that cannot read or play rar files. You might need to convert the file to another format or use a different media player.

  • You might also miss out on some features or benefits that come with streaming services or official releases, such as lyrics, artwork, playlists, recommendations, or updates.

Highlights of Scissor Sisters Magic Hour Deluxe Rar

The album itself is a diverse and enjoyable collection of pop songs that showcase the band's talent and versatility. Some of the standout tracks are:

  • Baby Come Home: A catchy and upbeat song that opens the album with a retro vibe and a catchy chorus.

  • Inevitable: A smooth and soulful ballad that features Pharrell Williams' production and vocals.

  • Only The Horses: A dance-pop anthem that was co-produced by Calvin Harris and became one of the band's biggest hits.

  • Let's Have A Kiki: A campy and fun song that celebrates having a party with friends and features Ana Matronic's rap skills.

  • Shady Love: A hip-hop influenced track that features Azealia Banks' rap verse and a catchy hook.

The bonus tracks and DVD also add more value to the deluxe edition. The bonus tracks are:

  • F*** Yeah: A rebellious and energetic song that expresses the band's attitude and style.

  • Let's Have A Kiki (DJ Nita Remix): A remix of the original song that adds more beats and bass to make it more danceable.

  • F*** Yeah (Seamus Haji Remix): Another remix of F*** Yeah that gives it a more disco and house feel.

  • Somewhere: A cover of Leonard Bernstein's song from West Side Story that showcases Jake Shears' vocal range and emotion.

The DVD contains:

  • A documentary that follows the band during the making of the album and their tour.

  • Music videos for Baby Come Home, Only The Horses, Shady Love, and Let's Have A Kiki.

  • A live performance of Somewhere at Scala in London.


Scissor Sisters Magic Hour Deluxe Rar is a great option for pop music lovers who want to enjoy the band's fourth album in a 29c81ba772


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