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Gamespirit Realtek Mod

Dolby Home Theater v4 EQ for XPS 12 & XPS 15 (Haswell)[1]I haven't gotten any sleep and it's 6:00am now, but I finally got it working. Leveraging Gamespirit's Realtek mod in conjunction with the Lenovo X220 Dolby HT4 hacked drivers, I merged the relevant files to trick the realtek drivers into thinking it's Dolby HT v4 even when our chip only supports Dolby HT v2.I will post a walkthrough PDF when I have some time to put one together, but I'll quickly go over the instructions.LINK TO FILE: Link removed, updated to v02In the ZIP file there are three folders and they are numbered. Obviously you will need to start at 1Before you start, remove your existing sound driver software and uninstall the realtek drivers, then REBOOT.Item #1 - Dolby Home Theater FIles1. Reboot into option 7 disabling driver enforcement.2. In folder 1, run the DTPC.msi file; and when asked what to install, ONLY check "Install asset files."Do not reboot just yet. Go to Item #2.Item #2 - Realtek Drivers1. Go to Device Manager in your windows Control Panel.2. Update the sound driver and manually locate the drivers and point it to the \Vista64\ folder.3. Once the drivers have been installed, right click on the Volume icon in your tray (next to your clock) and choose Playback Devices.4. Double click on the Realtek device.5. Go to the SRS tab and disable it.6. Go to the Advanced tab and change the sample rate to 16 bit, 44100 Hz (CD Quality). I've tested this thoroughly and the higher sampling rate degrades the bass and presents a lot of grainynes and distortion to the sound.7. Click OK and reboot.Item #3 - Load my Dolby Preset:1. Click on the Windows Start menu and type Dolby. Choose the Dolby Tuning and Profile Creator app.2. When it comes up, On the ALL TUNING + PROFILES row, click on Import.3. Import the file DJKLMNOP XPS 12.inx found under folder #3.DONE!!!!Here's how I had set it up:- Movie Mode is for Movies using earphones and speakers- Music Mode is for Music using earphones and speakers- GAME Mode is for Movies using speakersTurning on the SURROUND VIRTUALIZER sounds terrible. Because of the chipset incompatability, it throws a huge amount of echo that ruins the sound. That's why I only set it for preset GAME, just in case you want to use it for the laptop speakers. But even when turned all the way down its extremely echo-ish.Lastly, clicking on HEADPHONE for the virtualizer won't do anything for you. Most true Dolby HT v4 chipset have two separate profiles, so when you plug in the headphone it switches to it. So in this case, SPEAKER means speakers and headphones.Lastly Lastly, when you click on the options icon on the Dolby tray, it won't do anything because it thinks it's v2. If you want to make changes, open the Dolby Profile Creator.

gamespirit realtek mod

Ok my friend, here you have new links with drivers to install any (or both) of the suites (cinema 2 and x-fi mb3. I prevent you, because the Realtek HD Audio Manager will lose the equalizer and the speakers configuration settings in the panel. But is totally necessary to install the cinema 2. The instructions for the installation will be inside every suite. I`m sorry 4 the problems, i`ll do a driver to x32 bits too, but only for realtek hd audio (to others don`t know to make drivers). Will have your Realtek driver to 32 bits, and this will works on Vista, 7 and 8. The IDT Drivers of Realtek i still don`t manipulate them to make mod versions. Then, if anyone needs a IDT Driver, i`m sorry, but to me is impossible create IDT versions, because i don`t understand IDT structure of drivers. And yes, is totally truth that x-fi mb3 no needs mod drivers to install this suite, and this works perfectly on Windows XP, Vista, 7,8,8.1 y Windows 10 (This last really NEVER i`ve seen the suite installed and working the x-fi mb3, but in internet people says that works in 10 too). 350c69d7ab


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